she just stood there doing this little dance until we got up

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On the set of ‘I Love Lucy’, 1950s.

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"I was carrying a steel pipe at work, and it brushed up against an electrical wire. When I woke up, I saw that everything was gone, and I just started crying. It’s like I’m a kid again. They clean me, they put me to bed, they wipe my butt, and they even hold my birdie when I pee. I’ve been begging for money in this same spot for 20 years. All that I can do is try to get my bread every day until God decides to take me home."

(Mexico City, Mexico)

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I’m honestly so sick of the show homeland and how they keep stereotyping us they “shoot” a scene in my country Lebanon in our hamra street which is known for it’s shops restaurants and cafés and fashionable people instead they shoot it in some poor street in Israel of all places aware of our history between them with stereotypically dressed people and scenery

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When ur beating ur meat and u hear ur name being called

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